Tuesday, November 21, 2006

One! More! Day!

So I'm sitting here this morning, just killing time before going into the office for my LAST day of work until Monday. Yay! As I am vacation-time-challenged, this time of year is always lovely with the "free" days off. Today will be spent wrapping up a few annoying work items, killing time with my good buddy Todd, and trying not to throw staplers at the people who annoy me. There are a few of them.

Then it's off to Jack's Meats for our free-range organic turkey, running home and putting linens on the guest beds, then baking some pies while I wait for my family to get here. Yay!

And now that I know I have another reader, I'd like to give a shout-out to dear friend Eric. HAAAAY! We missed you, buddy! I'll try not to be so knitting-centric.


Anonymous said...

No prob... Have a great T-Day!

Lorena said...

What is this "not so knitting centric" of which you speak...?


sue said...

Sounds as though your going to have a wonderful thanksgiving weekend.