Thursday, November 02, 2006

Waiting to Felt a Swatch

So I bought this lovely yarn back in March when I met Snarky for the first time in NYC. We went to the Green Market and found such wonderful things - including this bounty. Strangely enough, my house is closer to the farm than Union Square is. Nonetheless, this looked like nice happy yarn to me.

Oh, what to make, what to make...I was still SUCH a novice at that point. My snarky new friend also introduced me to That Which Is Called LYS, and thus created a monster. But I saved this yarn for something...special. My first thought - and attempt - was the Knitty Wavy scarf. Bad idea. I realized the HARD way that yarn with varying thickness is NOT good for patterns that require pretty standard stitch size to show off the stitches. Of course, I started this scarf several times (and got half-way through) before I gave up on it. It just wasn't happening. So that's why the balls on the right of the pic are a little darker - they've been handled too many times to count.

I'm still saving them for a happy project - now I'm thinking Knitty's French Market Bag. The problem is, I don't know how this felts. I have no washer, and felting at the laundromat is rather pointless (and expensive). Not gonna even go to the place of hand-felting. Nope. No way, sistah. And so my perfectly-on-gauge swatch awaits the arrival of my new Maytag Neptune (the Toyota version, not the Rolls Royce version). And let's hope I can get a happy market bag going soon.

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idyllicchick said...

I think that would make a lovely French Market Bag! Light colors usually don't felt as well as darker ones, but as long as you do your swatch, you'll be golden.