Sunday, November 19, 2006

STILL on the Needles...

Here's what you're likely to see on the needles for a while...although I'm hoping to complete some by Christmas...

Mom's Sock #1. I kind of got to a stopping point, because I wanted her to be around (she's coming up for Thanksgiving) to make sure I got the sizing right. She says just to make one like I'm making it for me. But she's got a larger foot than mine, and I don't want to take chances. So here it stays for now.

Joe's Cigar Glove #1. Once again, I'm waiting for a fitting. This is my hand, so it's a little baggy. Joe tried it on, and the knucks were fine, but I want to get the length of the ring finger correct. So waiting for him to get back from Sarasota today. Then again, we'll be too busy working on the house to do any fittings until after the family leaves.

Started this sock at the laundromat this morning. Because, yes, sadly, my dryer is toast. Well, technically it's just soggy bread. Because it doesn't dry or heat anything anymore. Tried the old tricks again, and I think it's more than just the heating element. Of course, I had one more load in the washer when this was discovered. So Sunday morning trip to the laundromat. The yarn is Sockotta, and it's okay. I like the patterns of the yarn, but the texture isn't my favorite. I think it'll make a nice bright pair of socks, though. I picked it up in St Louis when I was on a yarn high.

So that's about it. Joe should be home any moment, and the rest of the evening will probably be devoted to dusting, vacuuming, and detumbleweeding the house. If you have furry pets and hard floors, you know what I mean.

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