Wednesday, November 08, 2006

WW Confessions - Week 31 - And Fiber Arts Avengers!

Not much to report this week - very slight gain, but my behavior wasn't the best. My goal is to lose a solid 2 lbs this week so I can hit that golden 30-lb mark (I had been so close I was just rounding up, but who was I kidding) and get a new freakin' star for my bookmark. But as my wise meeting leader says, "if nothing changes, then NOTHING CHANGES." So my going to Copperfield's once every few weeks for a handful of beers and their buffalo chicken wraps (oooh, food of the gods) isn't helping my cause. Neither is the occasional pizza. Or bottle of wine. Or getting up too late to work out. Or not getting groceries on time and running out of healthy food. Or just letting the healthy food rot while I'm too lazy to cook. Man, I need a mental adjustment. I need to change my evil, evil ways. So that's my project for this week - scheduling time to take care of myself.

On another COMPLETELY different note - I got an email from bestest friend Amy:
"Here is a link I've been thinking of sending you, to do with as you please -- I'm on a message board of mothers, and one of them has a son with a brain tumor (you can read about it on the link) and they're selling knitting patterns to raise money for healthcare costs. So I thought I'd pass the link along to you in case any of the patterns appeal to you. Do with it what you like. Use, ignore, pass onto others, whatever. Should go to bed. Have stopped using complete sentences."

I should note here that Amy is the mother of a toddler and should be excused from using complete sentances, or words for that matter.

And so I have a new button on the sidebar - I've looked at the site only briefly this morning, but aside from the extremely good cause, I'm all about badass knitters. The patterns look cool, and there are several ways to help - the most important of which is sending good vibes and love their way. And Amy? I am SO going to learn how to crochet and make BTU that lobster! It rocks! Rock Lobster!

Dammit. That song's going to be sticking with me today, I can tell...

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Anonymous said...

I totally had my eye on that lobster. How did you know? ;)