Friday, January 19, 2007

Beer and Stash

Having grown up in a town where I had to drive 10 minutes to get to my friends' homes, living in a small village still tickles the hell out of me. One of our favorite haunts (within stumbling distance, of course), is Copperfield's - a great little pub that offers many beers, good food (even some veggie-friendly-non-bar-stuff), and great people. Well, mostly great people. Just don't go on a weekend when all the yuppie drinkers descend on our little town and the overflow from the martini bar down the street gets annoying...

Last night was no different. Tim, the Irish-whiskey-expert barkeep, took good care of us while we babbled with friends and the local building inspector. Copperfield's is where Joe and I go when we want the Best Buffalo Chicken Finger Wrap Ever, a few beers, and usually some venting about jobs and/or people. Last night, I just didn't feel like cooking, and I couldn't get to the store because IT'S SNOWING (though not much), and people in NY are just as crazy about bread-and-milk shopping as people everywhere else when it snows. So I don't shop on snow days. Crazy freakin' people.

Anyhow, one of our many tipsy conversations was about stash. Joe had been reading our Snarky friend's post about the "movement" in 2007 to knit from stash. "Why wouldn't you knit from your stash?" he asked. I explained it to him in terms he would understand:

"In your shop, you have planks of lumber in the rafters. You have black walnut and cherry for special pieces yet to be determined. You have several tons of maple curing in the shed. You have plywood, leftover mahogony porch flooring, and siding up the wazoo. And yet, you're putting in an order with Ferris for more blocks of wood to build chair seats. If you came across a good deal for some tiger maple, you'd grab it in a heartbeat. You're either buying these for projects now or in the future. But you're not making furniture or repairs out of what you have in your shop NOW."

{long pause}


And with that, we called Tim over for another round of beers.

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idyllicchick said...

Bravo! Very well put!