Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It's hard to believe that these numbers even come close to our age anymore. It seems like just yesterday you and Justin were announcing the impending arrival of your sweet little boy. You had just purchased a mini-van, and we were on the hill near Jane and Steven's house, all of us terribly suspicious during a drive to the lake when you finally made it known.

I had the honor of your standing up with me on a very special day that not only included the man of my dreams but margaritas and a hottie bartender named Raoul. Or Rafael. Or Raymundo.

I will forever treasure the times that we threw caution, directions, and limited-knowledge-of-manual-transmissions to the wind and found ourselves on the paradise that is Sapelo. Drunken bike rides, rum-induced confessions, and an infamous-and-lasting hookup were all just gravy on those amazing trips.

You even talked a younger and stupider version of myself into a very public performance that scared the beejeesus out of me.

How did we stay sane during these times? Oh, yeah. That's right. We giggled a lot.

Sometimes we didn't giggle. But we always had fun. Or at least we had music, and of course making fun of others.

It's overwhelming to think that all of this started thirty-ish years ago when all I remember is a tricycle with red wheels, digging to China, and a cute blond boy named Mitch.

Happy Birthday, Pam - even though this might not be your happiest of days this year, please know that you are wrapped in my love and admiration and respect. No one could have predicted that we would be close friends this long, but I certainly predict that when you're twice this age that I'll still be embarrassing you with old pictures. :)

(Pam on back right, me directly to her left, and our dearest Amy in the stunning red dress)

Much love and many obnoxious hugs to my dear friend on her special day.


lorinda said...

Happy happy to your friend Pam!

And it's obligatory to dig to China with a buddy, isn't it? My cousin Nate and I did.

Pamarooni said...

Awww shucks! Don't ya just love that Sapelo picture. It just screams '80s!

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Sherrie said...

Oooooh, great pictures! Do tell me more about those drunken bike rides... ;-)