Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm weak, I admit it...

I had to run a few errands at lunch today - go to the bank, go by Michael's and pick up more stuffing final SP9 surprise...that rhymes with ledgedog...when lo-and-behold I find myself in front of the skimpy-yet-sometimes-interesting Michael's book selection. And what do you think flung itself at me and begged me to provide it with a loving home?

Yup. And I didn't even have my gift certificate with me, so it was totally frivolous spending. But I have to explain:

- I only have one other pattern book (Big Girl Knits), besides any SnB or Yarn Harlot items

- I have many one-skeins that need a purpose

- As much as I loooove me some sock knitting, I really need to work on other skills as well, and some of the items in this book would make lovely gifts

See? SEE? I don't have a problem. I have REASONS.


Amy said...

One skein to rule them all,
One skein to find them.
One skein to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them.


I'm a nerd, I admit it.

Lorena said...

Oh lordy, Amy, you fit right in!

idyllicchick said...

Bwah! Love it! How can I work that into a tattoo?