Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Financial Pain

Oh, my...what a lovely morning.

Last night I don't think it got much below 70, and it was super muggy. Now, before you FL and GA folks get all up on me for that, remember that I have no central A/C, and we haven't pulled the wall units down from the attic yet. So - no escape from the mugginess.

The furnace guy came by this morning to tell me, basically, that I need a new furnace. $800 for a new control panel that might not be the only problem, but until the control panel's replaced, we can't figure out what else is wrong. We put $900 into the furnace in December for some other thingy that was broken. Sooo...spending $4,000 on a new one looks mighty attractive (the current one is 17 years old and has been through many floods in the basement). But we'd also need to re-grade the basement and install the sump pump. So. Yeah. Joy.

Then I thought I'd run some errands and was QUITE proud of myself at exploring some of the back roads of Orange County. These roads are all twisty and never make sense. I always "feel" like I'm going in one direction then just get confused. Not so today. Yay me.

Went back to the plumbing supply store to place my order for a shower floor. The plumbers want it just to be exact with their pipe moving and such. $500. Yikes. For a shower floor. Not even a tub. Plus there's a 4-week lag-time. Double joy for me today.

Came back - elated to hear there's a TORNADO WATCH (huh? here?) in effect until 6pm. Decided to stop by the liquor store for some wine. Yes, those two sentences are very much related.

The good thing is that I took my cans to the recycling place and got $2.05 back.

Last week, due to finally finishing the beer socks, I was seeking some quick and easy projects before jumping into my sweater again. A new (surprise) hedgie worked up quickly, and now I'm ready to felt it. But I wanted to make something else so I could felt more than one thing and feel a little more water-conscious. So I started the French Market Bag:

This is some Andes yarn that I picked up on the sale rack up in Woodstock a few years ago. I've never been IN LOVE with it, and I only got three skeins. I'd read that it was great for felting, so I thought I'd have minimal time and money invested in this puppy. Plus, even if it's an ugly bag, it's still a bag, right? I'm always in need of another project bag. The yarn isn't truly verigated, so it's doing weird things on the base of the bag, but it'll be quasi-stripy up the sides. Quick and easy - great to do while watching mindless daytime TV. Which I can do. Because I'm on vacation. ;)

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