Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tim!

I'm getting to this a little late, I know, but I couldn't let Pete & Kristin have all the fun with the old pictures. My apologies to my nearest and dearest friends, but I am including myself in these not-so-attractive oldies this time.

I can't remember when I met Tim, but I remember when I first had a crush on him...

It was at Jane's party, where I watched Dirty Dancing for the first time and thought it was the BEST MOVIE EVER. It's amazing when I look at this picture and see so many friends who are still in touch. I lusted over Tim for most of that summer, and then we went out. Lots. He took me to prom, even.

I honestly don't even remember prom anymore, and no - my hair was not that big. That's a SHADOW, people. Things didn't work out, yadda yadda yadda, I went psycho and wrote bad poetry, but we became the best of friends.

Tim came along on jazz band trips, even though he wasn't even in the did that work, exactly? Lucky bastard...

He made a great impression on my college roommate by executing her teddy bear while she was out...

And there were many road trips. Like going to see Amy in DC.

Going to Sapelo after high school. There's Pammy!

Of course, on Sapelo there were times when we got a bit out of hand...

Notice Craig gripping my arm. I still remember being mesmerized by the little glowfish thingies - the guys were very worried I would wander off into the ocean. By the looks of this picture, they were right to be worried.

And there were times when we were well-behaved. I can't believe that this picture was taken about 16 years ago.

So here we are, more than twenty years from when we first met. I always thought he'd be someone I'd remember fondly but with whom I'd lose touch. By a series of odd coincidences, after years abroad doing amazing things with the Peace Corps, Tim and his most wonderful wife Cambria are now living very close by. They even came to visit for Thanksgiving in 2006.

Sometimes, when we're talking with them, I'm simply amazed at how things have ended up. My thirty-something-year-old-self (ahem) tells my teenage self how great it's going to be one day. How very right it all is.

When Tim and I were in high school and college, we'd celebrate our birthdays together, since they were only 2 days apart. Tonight, at this late hour, I'm wondering if he's celebrating a new birthday - that of his son, who is due any day now.

Tim and Cambria - I wish you happiness and love for all of your lives. I can't wait to meet your little boy and spoil him rotten. Happy birthday, Tim - who would have ever thought that life could be this rich, eh?


Pam said...

Happy BDay Tim! And Congrats on the baby.

Beth, we all look so hot in those pictures! Jane is so 80's badass with that hair. Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

I loved these!! It was like a college flashback--remembering how your friends looked when I first met them! And I had completely forgotten the murder of the bear. . .so long ago!

The 80's bad ass hair chic said...

I like totally missed this post earlier this morning dude.
But I just had quite a chuckle about the photos!

Cambria said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Made us smile.
-Tim and Cambria