Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We had a bit of a snow/ice storm last night. The drive home wasn't bad - just snowy. Got all comfy-cozy with the cats and knitting and settled down for the evening. I woke up a bit early this morning, knowing that it takes some time to clean off the truck, do some shoveling, etc.

But then I woke up to this...

What's wrong with this picture? Our alleyway isn't supposed to be reflective. That's a solid sheet of ice. We probably got a plow up here around midnight, but nothing since. So rather than the crunchy snow we have everywhere else, we have solid ice. For the four houses beneath the water tower, this is our only way to get to the main road:

Down this Icy Hill of Death. I haven't even seen a plow make it up this morning. Four-wheel-drive doesn't mean much when you're driving on an ice rink.

The footprints in this picture are mine - when I got went out to clear off the truck, wandered over to the alley, and went, "Oh, hell no!" I tried to break through the ice with a shovel - didn't happen.

And so I wait until (1) the temp warms up a bit or (2) something heavy makes it up the hill and creates tracks. I'm feeling pretty useless in the meantime, though...maybe I'll go knit.


Eric K. said...

Speaking of shiny, slick surfaces, I'm heading to NC with my church's youth group to go skiing this weekend. Think I'll play this one smart and stay of the slopes (or is that "slips"?) and stay in the lodge. Good luck with your ice adventure!

idyllicchick said...

Get yourself to knittin'! It's 64 degrees here. :p

Lorena said...

I keep forgetting to tell you, but I finally saw "The Night Listener" the other week. I couldn't tell you much about the movie because I spent the first half saying "when are we going to get to Joe and Beth's house?" and the second half of the movie squealing "OMG I've been there! Look, it's Joe and Beth's driveway/porch/alley!" Hee hee hee.

Anyway... get to knittin'!

Betharoopie said...

Alas, our heroic DPW bailed us out around 9am, so here I sit at work. I didn't even get 2 rows on my blanket done!

jacquieblackman said...

Holy ice rink, Batman!

Too bad you weren't frozen in with your newly organized stash. ;-)