Sunday, February 03, 2008

Multi-Platinum YAYS!!!

I just got a phone call from a dear friend with some AWESOME news!

Remember where we're going this summer? With my mom and her friends? Well, the Newby clan is coming too! WHOOOOOOOOT! OMGPONIESANDBBQ!!!!1! They live in France now, and they'll be able to skip on down to Tuscany for a week of R&R with us crazies.

This is Kristin and Peter, back in 1993, when I was living with Peter (totally platonic - he was the best roommate ever).

Kristin and I met back at OU our freshman year (yes, *GASP*, 18 years ago). This is the first photo in my photo album, folks, and it was the day of our 21st birthday bash - Peter and I had birthdays close to each other, and we went all-out for a mutual par-tay. I have such fond memories of that place - the corn plant with Christmas tinsle, the rednecks wrestling downstairs, the yard sale furniture I brought to the place, the wobbly table with the freaky leg...

It was this fateful birthday party night that I first started dating a certain someone...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - I married the boy who passed out at my 21st birthday party. You never know what the future holds, folks. ;)

Kristin & Peter - we are so very excited to be able to spend time with you and your kids. It's sad how life gets us so busy that we haven't seen each other in years, but to get together during a week in paradise will be simply perfect.


Anonymous said...

First of all, OMG! is not the first words that came out when I saw that picture of an emaciated beer drinker staring at that beautiful pot o' gold (that would be the keg). Did you REALLY have to post that picture? Pretty irresistible, wasn't I? I'm glad Kristin took pity on me.

Anywho, that picture, madam, is a shot across the bow, and I bet—in fact I know—I have some incriminating photos of Betharoopie. Stay tuned.

Isn't Joe so cute? I have great memories of drinking with Joe, taking classes with Joe, and brewing a batch of porter together. Pretty damned irresistible.

I still have an occasional nightmare about the downstairs redneck neighbors bangin' around and screaming. I swear it was a really a violent gay porn filming studio. Naaaaa, they really were pretty red. Probably came from Athens. Probably Cedar Shoals graduates.

We're really excited about the trip to the land of fava beans and a nice chianti! Regardless of the location, it will be great to catch up. The pictures of the place are awesome. We can't wait.


Joe W said...

You know, Pete, the photo of you isn't rally incriminating. Mine is a whole other story...I will NEVER live down that photo. It's made a token appearance every 2-3 years since. Either when Beth describes how we met to someone new or when she wants to make fun of me to someone new. >;D

I too am VERY excited about your coming to Italy. I can't wait to spend the week catching up, while drinking wine and looking at beautiful scenery.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even getting into this photo-war. I know there are some less-than-flattering pics of me floating around! And you're right, Joe, that one of Peter isn't bad at all!!
Would you believe me if I told you that the wobbly-legged table was laid to rest just last fall? It wobbled until the day it became one with a bonfire! I hated that table!
I can't wait to see you all again!