Monday, February 11, 2008

I've Got Friends to Keep Me Warm

Yesterday was a weird weather day - alternating periods of snow and sunshine. At some points, it really wasn't cold. Then the wind picked up. Then the snow. For about 45 minutes, it was the closest to white-out conditions that I'd ever seen - snow flying horizontally and in great volume. During this time, as I was paying bills, I heard this loud noise coming from the porch. I figured something had blown up against the house...

The wind had blown an oak chair roughly 3 feet across the porch. See the slide marks the feet made? Yeah. Lots of wind. Didn't sleep much last night due to the howling, but all is well today. Just really, really cold.

When I came home this afternoon, my heart was warmed with giggles when I saw a package from Hanks at my front door. I knew it could only be one thing: our golf bag, from the fiber-frenzy that was Rhinebeck 2007. Well, that, or a boat-load of yarn, or Sharon waiting to bust out and surprise me. It was indeed the golf bag, with a few goodies!

Sharon wrote the funniest note: I, um, have no idea what this stuff is... Looks like I've got some good felting wool and a nice mohair blend. Yay for my Hanks buddies! :) I can't believe you mailed luggage back to me. You rawk.

On another note, I'm sending lots of hugs to a friend a long ways away. You're always there for me, and I hope you know I'm here for you. Love you much, sweetie.

May your friends keep you warm and loved!


idyllicchick said...

You mean you didn't think it was a big box of roving from Louet?!

Betharoopie said...

Well, I *DID* read the note on the side of the box... ;)

Lorena said...

Just putting in our reservation now, to borrow the golf bag again in October, ELL OH ELL!!!!1!