Saturday, September 01, 2007

And...We're Off!!!

Thus begins the Snarktember Sock-a-long...

I woke up around 4am (for NO apparent reason) then stumbled downstairs for some premium knitting time. Started my first toe no problem (just needed a little tightening) and got a few rounds into the pattern before starting sock #2. This will be the first time I've done two at once, and I kinda like it. Of course, no early-morning knitting session would be complete without kitty entertainment. Dobby thought that the Snarkalong was worthy enough for sacrifice...Mousie #2007-06 is now resting in peace, but not before Dobbster kept following me with his mouth full, "Hey, Mom - look what I brung ya" or something to that effect.

This should be a productive weekend around the house (when I'm not knitting), finishing up with beer and swimming at Matt's house Sunday night, then me going into the office on Monday (yes, I get to work on Monday - joy).

Happy weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...
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jacquieblackman said...

Yea on a successful start to your socks! :-)

Boo on what looks like spam in your comments. :-(

Lorena said...

Dang! You and Sharon, you wacky kids! She got up at midnight and got about three hours done. I'd say it's not a race, but... if you're going after the same prize, then yes it is. I got almost nothing done, as I was the one driving the car today. But that's okay! Because it would look funny if I got the first sock done in my own contest.