Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oooh, Lookie!

Check out what we've been doing...

Of course, this means not much knitting this week. Last night I got a few good hours in at the knitting circle (and more while watching Kill Bill: Vol. 1, a personal favorite of mine). Today I spent most of my time moving large pieces of furniture (from guest bath to outside for Freecycling, from den-aka-master-bath-staging-area to guest bath), because the den is the 2nd guest bedroom, and right now it looks like a drywall factory exploded. And we have guests coming in 5 days or so.

Tomorrow I go on my knitting cruise, so hopefully I'll finish the socks!

Woohoo - I don't have to go into the &$*(#$@*& office!!!!!

1 comment:

jacquieblackman said...

Looks awesome! You are going to have the most beautiful bathroom ever.