Monday, September 03, 2007

Movin' Right Along...


Yes, ever since I thought that I'm "moving right along" on these socks, lo-and-behold this song has been in my head. So I must share it with you. Ahhh, the joy of Muppets. In a Studebaker.

Lest I get distracted from the progress that IS being made, here is a picture of my wonderful hubby as he begins work on the ceiling with this cute little contraption...

This doohickey holds the drywall boards so you can put them up on the ceiling without killing your arms. Yay, inventions! The bathroom really IS coming along. Schweeeet!

I got some good progress done on the socks today (and hopefully tonight, if I don't feel too guilty that Joe is wrestling with a modified construction-grade easel while I knit). I met a knitting friend Thora for lunch today, and we'll hopefully make it a frequent thing. You see, Thora is a local knitter who had the ingenious idea to start a knitting circle at a local cafe. At the first meet-up, about 12 knitters came! We had such a grand time. And - small world - Thora works about 200 yards from me. Right now there aren't many great places to hang out for lunch, knitting, but we're making do. It was such a nice break from the hectic budgeting season I'm in right now. Thanks, Thora!

Here's Ghetto Kitty, inspecting my toes for any loose stitches. He loves to enjoy late summer evenings on the porch while the sun sets - I can't say as I blame him.

On a totally different topic - I wanted to express my gratitude for, and brag about, our neighbor Hal. Hal invited us over for wine and cheese on Monday night - he had some opera friends coming over and wanted to just hang out for a while. Well, the NYC folks couldn't make it, but their loss was our (and our neighbors') gain. Wine and cheese turned into wine and dinner (HOMEMADE Eggplant Parmesan, with local tomatoes, eggplants, etc, wonderful broccoli, HOMEMADE garlic dressing on the fresh salad, and local bakery seven grain bread), which then turned into dessert (fresh peaches and local vanilla ice cream, doused in very strong rum), and then after dinner drinks (bourbon, anyone?). I think I'm in love with Hal. He sent us all home with leftovers, and they were even better the next day. When you knitta ladies are up in October, I truly hope you can meet our wonderful neighbor. He has such amazing stories, and he has The Smartest Dog Ever.

That's about enough for me now. I'm a long-winded soul tonight. This weekend is our General Montgomery Day celebration - there are sure to be plenty more stories, mostly about drinking and smoking cigars on the porch. And knitting, of course...


Eric K. said...

As a veteran of a couple of General Montgomery Days, I can truly say that I'll be thinking about y'all this weekend. Hope you have a lot of fun! If we don't get together before then, maybe next year's GMD?

Pam said...

Whenever I hear someone say, "Moving right along..." I always think of that tune.

The knitting circle is very cool. They've just started one at church. In fact, I believe the first project was the prayer shawl I received when Evan died.

Lorena said...

Ok, late to the party but... I fucking love that song. In fact, I :heart: that whole movie!

Good thing frogs can jump, otherwise I'd be gone with the Schwin!

Drinks are on the house!

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