Monday, September 03, 2007

Just Knittin' Along...

I must admit, I'm a bit pleased. Even after taking out the foot rows I'd done and starting over with a smaller toe, I'm going faster than I thought I would. Ask me in a week when I have cracks in my fingers and no housework done...but for now all is well. Took the socks to a party last night - got a good bit done before it started getting dark. Although, I have to confess - there was one pattern row that I had to redo FOUR TIMES. Chalk it up to the 4+ beers I'd had. But I successfully tinked and got back on track...eventually. It was a k2p2 row for 2 needles, and I started just k all the way across. D'oh! Tink back. Thought I was at the 2nd needle, which starts as p2k2. Nope - I was at the first needle, and now totally off pattern. D'oh! Started with k2 then forgot about the pattern altogether. D'oh! You get the idea.

Of course, all this is going on with me just mumbling to myself, also participating in the conversation in Matt's backyard, all the while Joe leaning over and asking, "Did you have to frog it? Did you screw up?" what seemed like every 5 minutes.

Believe it or not, I didn't find any booboos when I saw the socks in the light of day this morning. Dobby evidently didn't either.

Had to go into the office around 9 but got back around 1. Yay! Tonight going over to Neighbor Hal's house for wine and cheese with his opera singer friends.

Hope you have had a lovely weekend, and I wish all of you productive knitting (except for Sharon, you speed demon,


jacquieblackman said...

Looks great!! You're totally flying!

Celena said...

What's up with Sharon anyway? How in the world did she get that far already? I'm sooooo going to be the last one finished. :(

Lorena said...

Oh, I don't know, Celena-- I think *I* might be the last one finished!