Sunday, September 09, 2007

GMD Hangover...Again...

As with every General Montgomery Day, much fun is had, many drinks are consumed, and many heads ache the next day - and not just because of booze. The entire day - sunshine, noises, crowds - everything overwhelms to the point of utter exhaustion. Combine that with the fact that I normally have to go into the office on the Sunday after GMD, and I'm reduced to a puddle of flesh, barely able to string words together and make sense, much less be interesting. So I leave you with mostly pictures. But oh, the fun...

The porch was Party Central for GMD - or "Beth Day" as my friends have now named it.

As Joe likes to say, "It's like putting a nice dress on an ugly woman."

Coworkers with bikes. Now if only I could work with THEM on Sunday, I wouldn't mind it so much.

Neighbor kids.

Matt - aka our-friend-with-a-pool. Also a coworker I never mind spending time with.

Vonya - our neighbor's smart dog. Not a coworker.

This was the scene outside our house when our last guests were trying to leave (around 11ish). I have no idea what the deal was, but 4+ state police, at least one Village cop, one ambulance, and a couple of folks who looked really involved were questioning a very belligerent drunk who had blood on his shirt. Lots of yelling, lots of worried people, Paula and I swear we heard "car bomb" said more than once, although we were both a weeeee bit tipsy, and then just as suddenly everyone left - no arrests or anything. It's just not General Montgomery Day without some drunk-vs-cop action blocking your driveway.

I'm done now. I think I'll think about doing laundry for a while. Maybe think about knitting. But thinking is just about all I can do. Action just isn't in the cards right now. I'm soooooo going to be last in the Snarktember Sock-a-long.


Eric K. said...

Ahh, the GMD memories! I DO miss that weekend adventure, especially the parade and watching the drunk people (present company NOT included).

Lorena said...

I can not *wait* to pop open a bottle of wine on that porch in ABOUT 35 DAYS! WHOOHOOOOOO!

Lynda said...

It looks like a good time was had by all, even if there was a little extra excitement at the end of the evening. I envy you your porch.

Thora said...

We drove through town the Sunday after and I think those cops were STILL there!