Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Haaaaay to my Secret Pal!

Just wanted to give a shout-out "Jawja-style" - even though she's in NJ - to my Secret Pal (Haaaaaay). We've been exchanging emails, but I haven't said much since I posted my SP9 questionnaire. I think it'll be MUCH fun, since this is the first SP for both of us, and we're just gonna have a blast.

After viewing this Branching Out scarf (scroll down) and seeing the genius of the lifeline, I'm really tempted to frog all 2.87 skeins of my scarf and get it right. Because if I'm gonna spend my hard-earned dollars on cashmere, I shouldn't hone in on my mistakes every time I look at that damn scarf, right? Egads. This is gonna break my heart. Anyone care to hold my hand while I rip this puppy out? Sigh. I guess I've learned my lesson. And as my SP9 spoilee says, one thing to learn right from the get-go is just accept mistakes and take care of them as they happen. **EDITED TO ADD: There's no way in heck I'm frogging this sucker. After looking at it this morning (it's been a while since I've actually looked at the darn thing), the mistakes are a lot bigger in my head than they are on the scarf.**

It's amazing how many 1-2 year knitters I've been reading during this. I think as a 1-year knitter that I'm just a total beginner. Now I realize that the only thing limiting me is myself. VERY cheezy but true. Limitations, be damned. I'm starting something new and exciting - TONIGHT! ;) **EDITED TO ADD: So, all I did was wind some yarn from a hank into a ball and start a swatch to see if the Andes wool I bought at Woodstock would do for the Knitty French Market Bag. I've read that it felts really well, and this colorway is so pleasant. So not an adventurous evening, but I'm getting there.**

Man - I've been a bit spastic in this post, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Hey my SP9 buddy! HOWDY! and Y'all, that's the extent of my southern--only three years in VA, so I didn't loose the Joisey in me ;-)
I agree, in general, the only thing limiting people in their knitting is themselves. When I teach beginner classes, they all believe that they HAVE to make a scarf as their first project. I tell them to pick yarn and a project they love, and if they are willing to perservere--it will happen!
Have fun at Rhinebeck! (I'm secretly jealous)