Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Much to Say, But I Don't Feel Like It...

Our trip pictures are posted here.

I'd post pictures of Joe's finished socks, but I really don't wanna talk about it. Just chalk up one more rule on Things Beth Learned The Hard Way: don't cast on at a beer tasting.

After our trip, and my whirlwind outing at Rhinebeck, Joe packed up for another business trip, and I was thrown into work mode right away. So my house is a mess, I'm catching a cold, I had a late night Planning Board class Monday, and today I had to leave the house at 5am to take some inventories in Newark. Got home at 1, took Nyquil and a nap, and now am going to try and put my SP9 first little present together. I got a good swatch done for the French Market Bag, but I can't see how this yarn felts, because MY WASHER IS BROKEN!!! Yup - it was an old one anyway, but Joe put in about 8 pair of jeans while I was having yarngasms upstate, and alas the spin cycle is no more. And by taking it apart to realize it really WAS toast, we pretty much ensured it's just a really big paperweight at this point. And since I don't feel like hand-felting a swatch because it reminds me how depressed I am over lack of washer, I'm gonna wait until we get the snazzy new washer. Good thing Joe got his bonus check.

Okay - that's about enough. I need a beer and some quality yarn time. Because at this point, I'm just too overwhelmed to do a damn thing with the house. If you see us on the news in one of those "I can't believe people live like this" stories, please understand.

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