Thursday, October 12, 2006

On the Needles...

Okay. So after visiting my SP9 hostess's blog as well as some others (including my spoilee!!!), I feel totally inadequate. Man, you people can knit some serious sweaters! I'm so depressed. But here are my current projects, in all their glory. I'm rounding 3rd and heading for home on most of them, so I'm excited to start up some new ones. And be a little more adventurous.

Here's the Branching Out scarf in a cashmere I bought on a trip to NYC. Is this the best yarn with which to do this project? No. Was this the best project to start having only knit for 6 months prior? No. But I love how it's turning out, major mistakes and all. And it's sooooo soft. One more skein to go.

Joe's 2nd sock. For some reason this sock's coloring isn't as random as the first one - more blue/purple in big chunks. Oh, well. At least I started Sock #2 - now it's just a matter of finishing the dang thing.

A simple checkered scarf for me. I started this project (a) because I got this great superwash yarn on sale and (b) I wanted something I didn't really have to pay attention to. This is my knit-while-watching-Lost project, since I don't have to look at the needles much. It helps when there's a heavy Sun-and-Jin episode with lots of captions. Like last night - egads!

Okay - that's about it. I gave up on Joe's illusion scarf, because after doing the trial B of BEER! I realized I don't like illusion knitting - on a scarf, at least. Didn't like how the wrong side looked. And to me, scarves shouldn't have a wrong side. So I'm going to make him a HP PofA scarf - but I have to buy the miles of yarn first, and that's not in the budget at the moment.

Also starting up Cigar for Joe's Christmas present (it's not a surprise - he's picking out the colors). And maybe a tank for myself. You know - just to get over that first hurdle of making actual clothes.

Better go - boss is coming. Man, I'm going to get fired for this one of these days.


Anonymous said...

I think you have an impressive gaggle of projects going there. I would be proud to have them as my knitted items. Keep up the good work!

Your SP9 buddy

Lorena said...

I did those HP scarves for the nephews out of KnitPicks WOTA-- it was ... I don't know, like $30 for enough to make two? And I have tons left over.