Monday, October 30, 2006

WW Confessions - Week 30

Boy, I've been bad with consistently posting about this, eh? Well, I've been bad about attending meetings. I've been putting work first, which is really awful. So I went today, and after 2 weeks of non-point-calculating (going to STL and then being generally icky with a cold), I'm down 0.4 for a total of 28.8. So overall good news. Plus one of the ladies at work is back "on the wagon" with me, and that's always a help.

On another note - I had made a good friend at these meetings - we started basically the same week. She's about 10 years younger than I am, and she's desperately trying to have a kid. She serves in the Air Reserve, I think, so she attended the WW meetings in camo and humongo boots she'd take 5 minutes to unlace each week. In the beginning, we were the only two below the age of 50 at the meetings, and we really bonded. For a while, she'd been doing well, then she began getting really emotional (due to hormone shots and such), and the last time I saw her she was really down. Then one of the ladies at the meeting decided to get witchy about GWB and directed it towards her (hell, I don't care for the dolt, but I don't go to WW to talk politics). That was the last meeting at which I saw her, and it made me really sad. Kind of like AA, I'd only really known her first name at WW. Where had my friend gone? Did she get pissed off because that old bat got high-and-mighty with her? Did she start attending another meeting?

At the end of today's meeting, as I was packing up to leave, one of the older women spoke up. "You know that girl who used to come in with the army getup on? She came into my store the other day, and she was asking about everyone. I asked why hadn't we seen her, and she opened her coat - she's expecting a baby!" The woman reporting this then pointed at me and said, "she made special mention to ask how you're doing. She misses talking with you."

And there you go. Congratulations, Katy. I miss you too.

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