Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our Last Two Weekends

What have our last two weekends been like? Exhausting. Productive. Chaotic.

This is Joe playing with a rented toy. You see, we needed to put the recently-felled maple lumber somewhere to dry. So we needed another building or shelter. Because a large house, a detached garage, and a garden shed just aren't enough on our little 0.33 acres. So we opted to get one of those temporary shelters that people use for cars and (ahem) boats. In order to build the shelter, we needed a place to put it. So this little dirt-and-rock pile that had been hanging around since the Shed Demolition of 2003 needed to be moved and/or flattened.

Because you don't want the lumber right on the ground or exposed to moisture, Joe built a floor that the shelter would rest on. So last Sunday we went to Lowe's and got, oh, 24-2x8x12s and 7 sheets of OSB. The mud flaps on the truck scraped the whole way back from the store. Basically, Joe built decking first, then put the OSB on top of it. Here is Joe working with the wood. I just like it because it's a pic of him in coveralls. Mrrow.

The finished floor, as it looked this morning. This of course was BEFORE we went through the grueling task of erecting the skeleton of the shelter. And realizing it was really a 4-person job. And that the instructions SUCKED! And that the floor wasn't big enough. But two hours and many frustrated, awkward moments later - we did it. All by ourselves. But we were too tired to even go into the house to get the camera. We went in, had some beer, some fried chicken and mac & cheese (mmmmmmm...), and we've been watching TV ever since.

This will be a strange week, due to many things scheduled this week, resulting in a perfect storm of commitments. But I did finish my scarf - just finished weaving in all the ends. Once I wash and block it, I'll post a pic. But until then, I think I need to go pass out.

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Pammer said...

Check out that backhoe loader! Evan would be so jealous!