Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This Scarf is Goin' Down...

I was all about working on the Branching Out scarf (see below) at lunch today, and it's the first time I've brought the scarf out into fluorescent lighting. And guess what? Even though all of my Artful Yarns Virtue Cashmere skeins are the same color and lot - ONE SKEIN is of a slightly different hue - the blues and greens are duller than the other skeins. And guess which skein it is? #2 in the 2.87 I've used so far. Smack dab in the middle. Enough of a difference to notice exactly where the change is at the beginning and end of the skein. I hate them. I hate them all so very much.

So, what has Beth learned today, folks?
1) Fix mistakes as they happen. Don't let them fester.
2) Obsessively check skeins of yarn to make sure they look the same - especially after in knitting use. NO MATTER WHAT THE TAG SAYS.
3) Use a lifeline in lace projects from now on.
4) Stop staring at the damn scarf and just frog it already. The colors aren't going to change.

I want my mommy. :(


idyllicchick said...

Ohhhh nooooo! I'm so sorry! But like you said, you spent the money on the good yarn, so do it right. You'll be back to the point that you left off in no time!

Anonymous said...

That is so unfair, and creepy! I don't blame you for being bummed. When I have to frog something that's going to hurt a bit, I ask a friend to do it for me. That way it won't be me that is undoing it--someone else is. Just a suggestion. I also wouldn't hesitate to contact the manufacturer, as sometimes they will send you a replacement for the skein or something else that might ease the pain a little bit.
NJ SP9 buddy (your spoiler)

Vegan Knitting said...

So are you going to frog, or aren't you? :)

That's awful about the colors. I'd frog on that basis even if the mistakes weren't so bad.

I loved using a lifeline - it made things so much easier!