Friday, December 29, 2006

Holidays 2006 - Day Six

Wow, working one day out of ten really takes a lot out on a gal. Bwah! Today was kind of a weird day, for a holiday. Had to take Coz to the vet (he's a snotty boy - literally - who needs some antibiotic help). Then I had to attend the wake of a coworker's wife. It was very, very sad. Now I'm back home and trying to focus on happy things. Like having some wine. And celebrating my new, clean Bastard Room!

Why is it called the Bastard Room, you ask? Well, it was billed as one of the five bedrooms in our house (uh, so was our closet). But it's barely big enough to hold maybe a single bed and one of those small kid desks. Maybe. I can ALMOST touch two opposing walls at the same time. Anyhow, when we moved in, since we have no closets, a lot of crap got shoved into this room. So it became the Bastard Room - the room that has just about everything in it. My goal for the holidays was to finish cleaning it out and make it a total craft-and-exercise room. Voila!

Clockwise, from noonish: a portrait of my great-great-great grandfather, a self-portrait of my mom, my DVD-TV Christmas present from Joe with Dead Like Me season two playing, misc cross-stitchings that have no other home, part of my treadmill, my stash which might look pathetic but is really too big (large basket is hidden), cabinetry from our laundry room while that room gets a new look (plus a select few stuffed animals that I can't put in the attic where they would surely suffer certain death), and - hmmm...what is that? Need a close-up?

Ahhh, yes. My new swift (courtesy of Joe) and ball winder (courtesy of Awesome Sharon). Took me a few tries to get it right, but here's my new sweater yarn, rapidly becoming ballish. Yay! Joe wasn't too thrilled - only because he was preoccupied - making beer. Or as we say - BEEEEYAH!
So now while Joe and his buds go to the beer supply store for stuff to finish the beer in the next week or so, I'm going up to the Bastard Room, winding and wining, and watching more of DLM s3. Life certainly does not suck.


Lorena said...

I want to marry you and Joe and move into your lovely crafty beery house! I swear sometimes I think that we were separated at birth.

idyllicchick said...

Hey, you ain't goin' nowhere without me, Biotch! Got room for two, Betharoopie?