Friday, December 15, 2006

Home Again, Naturally

Took yesterday afternoon off to come home, change into sparkly clothes, then travel to Connecticut for Joe's office Christmas party. It was held at a lovely place called The Mill On the River, and we had a grand time. We stayed over in CT, drove back this morning, and I'm laying low today (due to having a grand time with the open bar last night) and struggling to get some things done. SP9 package #2 is mailed out, Mom's socks are drying, and I finished #1 of Joe's cigar gloves. Fun pattern that would knit up quickly if I actually worked on it all the time.

It's a bit big for me, but it fits Joe rather well. I was pleased at how the holes between the fingers were actually a function of the pattern (mentioned in the bind-off instructions) and not just due to my incompetency. I enjoy knitting, and I can do it, but sometimes I feel really inadequate. I need to get over my damn self.

Anyhow, just hangin' out with the kitties and going through about a week's worth of mail, getting a jump on the weekend, which will be a crazy time of catching up on shopping and chores.

Happy Friday!

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