Monday, December 18, 2006

Words Fail Me...

This evening, I left work, headed over to the Humane Society Prez's house for my biweekly gathering of info and paperwork, ran by Subway where my not-so-favorite person was behind the counter, giving me a wicked look for requesting all the veggies (including hot peppers) on my veggie sub and Joe's club (soooo sorry to interrupt your break beeyatch), then drove home, checked the mail (received endless Christmas cards which are wonderful but remind me how very late I am this year) and settled in for an evening in front of the PC working on shelter stuff.

Then, as I headed up the front stairs, I thought I'd turn on the porch light and see if there was anything on the porch.

There was. Actually, there WERE. Two boxes. One was the last of Joe's presents to me (Michael Franti & Spearhead Yell Fire! CD and his movie I Know I'm Not Alone). Yes, happy happy joy joy, it's what I wanted, but I was kind of expecting them since he had the Amazon confirmation sent to our joint email address (d'oh!).

Then there was THE OTHER ONE.

I knew by the address that Ms Snarkypants was the culprit. Maybe soap? I did mention soaps I like. Big box for soap, though. What could it be whatcoulditbe? Tossing the Amazon box aside, I grabbed the scissors and raced for the table (after getting a beer, of course - unwrapping usually requires adult beverages with which to savor the opening of goodies - in our house, at least).


Working clockwise, from noon:

Not one, but TWO! hanks of Handspun in a lovely LOVELY mango merino/silk. Holy cow! How will I ever think of a project special enough for this beautiful yarn? It's soft and golden - it simply glows - and it's so fun to touch and love...

A ball winder (!!!) - a nice used one (that makes fine little funny balls!) that needed a new home. Now, this is from Idyllic Chick, who is simply amazing as well (though I've never met her). Dude - did you realize that when we went to DC and visited the LYS that Joe was totally buying me a swift and winder for xmas, but they had no more winders, so I just got a swift? This is THE BALL WINDER OF DESTINY!

2 CDs of MP3s - one each from Snark and Idyllic - which I will be listening to as soon as I'm done with this post.

Again from Idyllic - 2 skeins of Jawool superwash in a GAW-JUS deep burgandy/olive/indigo colorway. Yippee Skippee!

Also from Idyllic - a sweet set of Clover antique needle holder charms. How very cool! I now have knitting paraphenalia!

Snarky Soap - FOUR BARS! I'm not gonna tell you what scents, cuz I don't want you to be too jealous. But YUMMY.

A Snarky handknit bag from 100% corn fiber. It's so adorable - I want to carry it around with me and show it off - "Hello, person-on-the-street, my friend made this for me. From CORN."

Last but certainly not least - Snark's G-ma's Chex Mix. Must. Find. Place. To. Hide. From. Husband.

Tonight, my WW points don't count. I'm toasting a beer or two in salute of you, my wonderful online (and Snark - briefly in person) friends. It is simply too much. Thank you.


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lisa said...

Hey! I found you while browsing down the harlots comments...your comment about the t shirt caught my eye. Do you know about They were spotlighted on npr the other morning. It's an online community where people submit t shirt designs, the designs get voted on, and the popular ones get a limited run printed. Retail is about $15, not bad for one of a kind limited run art? You surely got some lovely things in the mail recently. Where are you upstate? I was in Syracuse for nearly 20 years, now in Maine.

Lorena said...

Hee hee hee.


Amy said...

"Hello, person-on-the-street, my friend made this for me. From CORN."

Hahahaha! You should do this. Totally.

I am so jealous. Not that I'd know what to do with half that stuff, but it all looks so pretty!