Sunday, December 24, 2006

Holidays 2006 - Day Two

After much fun, cleaning, cooking, and beer yesterday, we ended up in bed by around 8. Didn't roll out of bed until about 12 hours later. Yaaaawwwnnn.

This was Christmas 3 years ago. I'm not complaining AT ALL about our current weather, but I wore short-sleeves outside yesterday. Just a weeee bit different this year.

A few things on the agenda today - bake the mac&cheese for the brunch, head over to the Hornbeck house for some Christmas Eve food and games, and pretty much nothing else. Except I HAVE to finish Joe's gloves. They are a Christmas present, after all. Next on the needles: a little sumpin' sumpin' for my SP9 pal for her final package, then I've been informed that size 8 purple socks are expected to be in Sarasota pretty soon. Because evidently "Beth will knit you some socks" came across as "you'll get socks for Christmas" to my sister-in-law, and someone was a bit disappointed. THEN I start on my first sweater. Finally.

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