Thursday, December 07, 2006

It REALLY irks me when...

...people say "new-CUE-ler"
...folks call Alzheimers "Old-Timers"
...apostrophes' are us'ed in the completely wrong place's
...idiots hunt for trophies. Honestly, now, was shooting that giraffe really in self-defense? Are you feeding your family with it?
...people stereotype based on occupation (accountants, engineers - they can't be CREATIVE, can they?)
...New Yawkahs talk about waiting "on" line (vs waiting IN line)
...people spend hundreds of dollars on a pedigreed pet
...anyone limits free thinking and creativity
...people are rude. There's no excuse for rudeness.
...parents and schools churn out completely unprepared kids because they didn't feel it was appropriate to play a game where someone loses or score a test where someone might fail.
...courts are used to determine "good vs bad" and "accident vs victim" rather than if and when laws have been broken.
...I drop a dpn between the cushions of the couch. cat is all comfy on me and I have to get up to pee.
...people assume that my impatience indicates a bad mood. I'm just fine - you're the problem
...people think the South is either a wasteland of Deliverance or laydehs sippin meent jewlips own tha verahnda
...bigots drop racist slurs as though they were discussing the weather
...I can't find something
...I'm rushed when traveling
...people use the phrase, "Not for nothing." What the heck is that supposed to mean?
...platitudes are uttered
...I realize that I really was smarter then than I am now
...we're raising an entire generation who thinks that "OMG - DD is ROTFL - CUL8R" is an appropriate way to communicate
...folks at work call me a "cat person" - as if that's the only thing that identifies me.

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Lorena said...

"...I drop a dpn between the cushions of the couch."

Oh lord, amen! I've been known to move the entire couch with Tim on it, because the effing DPN rolls off the hide-a-bed mechanism and hits the floor.