Sunday, December 10, 2006

I Was Going to be Good...

...but then I wasn't.

This weekend we went to Washington DC to see our neighbor Hal in the musical She Loves Me. So we planned an activity-filled weekend around the show.

Got to see our old Atlanta buddies (now residing in suburban DC) Regan, Susan, and their kids. Only spent a few precious hours with them, but it was wonderful. The show itself was just stupendous. It was performed in the round, and we were on the front row - I could have leaned over and touched the actors if I were so inclined. Such great talent in a sweet, classic musical. And Hal was awesome, as usual. We had Tex-Mex food, brew-pub beers, and a couple of pints at a great Irish pub (where the owners are actually Irish and not just Notre Dame fans). We went shopping in Old Alexandria and got a goodly bit of presents taken care of.

The clincher, though, was when we were in the hotel, getting ready for our morning out in Alexandria, when Joe said, "I'm surprised you didn't look up a yarn shop for the trip."

Me: "Nah, after the Sheep and Wool Fest I really don't need to buy anything else."

Joe: "Well, I see something online right here - it's right off the main street where we'll be."

Me: "Oh, okay. Maybe. If we have time."

Let's just say I made a bee-line for the shop as soon as the clock ticked past its 10:30 opening time. Knit Happens - a lovely store with lovely people (and a lovely class going on as I was fondling and playing with the yarns on the floor like a girl does her Barbie dolls). And so - even with the INTENTION of being good, and knowing full well that I could get these yarns online or in my LYS when I really needed them...

11 hanks of Debbie Bliss tweed for a (way far in the future) sweater for Joe and 3 skeins of Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs & Butterflies for I'm not sure what yet. In the store I was thinking maybe Clapotis, but I'm not sure that I got enough. Maybe a variation on it. Who knows. Now I really can't buy anything else for a while.

Oh. And this gorgeous basket? Got at a farmer's market that morning from a Ghanian (Ghanese?) woman. I took it with me shopping all day and got the best compliments on it! PERFECT stash basket. Perfect shopping basket. Perfect "I'm just out for a stroll with my lovely basket" basket.

We're back, we're tired, and I'm very behind on updating the gallery photos (way back to Thanksgiving). Give me a few days to catch up, and I'll resurface later.


Lorena said...

You give me the giggles. What a happy basket, all full of luscious yarn and stuff!

(I really wish that this new beta thing had the option to remember you. I can never remember my password, and it takes me like five minutes to comment because I have to go through about sixteen different combos of username and password. Is that just me, or is that really frustrating?)

Sharon said...

Your basket matches your Lorna's Laces! So pretty!