Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Waitin' for the Water Guy...

...to come replace my meter. Nope - that's not any kind of euphemism. We turn in our water meter reading twice a year (it's inside the house), and evidently it's had the same numbers the last few readings. So it gets replaced. During my vacation. And I get to straighten up the house. Yippee.

Since there's really nothing exciting about this day, I'll talk about some progress we've made on the bathroom.

This was a wall in our hallway, which we discovered had been a door at one point, when the master bath was just another room. After all, if you had opened this door into our bathroom, you would have tripped over the toilet on your way in. Joe wanted to open up the footing at this wall for easier access by the plumbers. Note the particularly interesting-yet-tacky old-lady wallpaper we discovered (in blue)...

Now that all the debris has been cleared, you can stand in our upstairs den and see right through to the opposite bathroom wall. Kind of adds a weird dimension to the house layout right now. The cats love it - like it's a secret place all their own.

I have to order the shower pan this week, then Joe only has a little work left before we can bring the plumbers back out to redo the pipes. That'll be the big hurdle. Once that's done, we can start REconstructing, and that's the fun part. Yay!

Have a lovely day one and all - I'm about to go tie up recyclables now.

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Eric K. said...

So do I need to pack a tool belt for my visit (only 10 days away!)?