Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Good People Surround Me

As most of you know, I moved here just about 6 years ago from a place I'd lived all my life. Some of my best friends have known me since we were in preschool together. It's very difficult - well, pretty much impossible - to get to *know* people in a new place. I mean, my friends from Athens have a HISTORY with me - stupid stories, embarrassing moments, estrangements, and all. I know this sounds really uppity and naive, but it's true - at least for me. The first party/cookout I attended in NY had only a handful of acquaintances. I promptly went into the bathroom and cried for the friends I missed so much - I wanted to be beyond small talk. I wanted to *not* be with people who were worried only about hair colors and manicures. I wanted to be able to TALK and have people KNOW me. To not just be that oddball girl from the South who doesn't know how to play bocce ball.

I still miss my girlfriends like there's no tomorrow. But the great thing is that I've finally started opening up and creating new relationships. With such wonderful online knitting friends. And with wonderful people from work, of all places.

Since I've learned to knit, I've also learned that a few ladies at my work knit. Now remember - I work at a production facility that's about 95% men. So the fact that women head into the Ladies' Locker Room during breaks to knit just floors me. Regina and Melanie, in particular, have been such inspirations. And on my recent birthday (sorry I didn't post earlier, Regina!), they filled my heart with their warmth.

Guess what wonderful goodies I got?

Yup - Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles - by Cat Bordhi, Socks-Socks-Socks - Edited by Elaine Rowley, and a kick-ass knitting bag that I sorely need! Now that beer socks and Clappy are out of the way, I've been jonesing to learn socks on circulars. And the Sock collection book - well, let's just say that both Regina and Melanie might be getting some pretty creative socks for the holidays. :)

Thanks to both of you sweeties - you make work tolerable, which as we all know can be difficult at times! I am happy every day when your crews are on, because you are so fun and lovely and kind.

Thank you!


idyllicchick said...

Oh! Happy day! It's good to have good folks to knit with. I *so* know that!

jacquieblackman said...

I hear ya! Moving to a new place is hard. I've been in Toronto less than two years and I've been going through some of the same. I miss my friends like mad too, especially the ones that knit!

Eric K. said...

Well, for what it's worth I think I probably speak for all of us folks here in Georgia that we miss you just as much as you miss us! But I'm glad to hear that you're finding new folks to hang with.

Lorena said...

Ooo, the Socks3 book has one of my favorite sock patterns - page 38. I've done that one so many times! Well, but I've modified it along the way, taking out that weird purl ridge in the middle, and sometimes adding a knit stitch on two or four needles depending on the gauge of my yarn and the size of the foot I'm knitting for. Great book!