Thursday, May 31, 2007

Love is...

...scratching your kitty under his chin so he purrrrrs like a chainsaw, then shoving an abnormally large antibiotic down his throat, holding his mouth shut so he doesn't spit it out.

...forcing your asthmatic cat to take his inhaler, even though he cries and squirms, because you know if he doesn't get several hits a day he's likely to be standing in a corner, wheezing, with two feet of drool hanging from his mouth, unresponsive.

...taking a urine sample from a feline (yup - figure that one out).

...spending more on your vet bills than you do on most other single utility, insurance, or car payments.

...having your cat leave his comfy spot - just to follow you - because he wants to be where you are.

...your kitty tucking himself into bed with you as the breeze lazily crawls through the windows and the sunset finally dims. boys. Crazy, needy, loopy, frustrating, my everything...they're my boys.


Lorena said...

That is some good lovin'!

Eric K. said...

Love is rubbing your kitty's belly, and then having him grab your hand with his paw so that you don't stop. Love is also having your pets (cats, dogs, other?) joyously greet you at the door as you walk in from the end of a long day because they missed you so much!