Friday, May 18, 2007

Poor Milo...

Had to take Milo back to the vet for some x-rays - his blood tests showed some low red blood cells (which coincides with his ears, nose, and mouth not being as pink as usual). Poor guy has about three dozen itty bitty bladder stones. The fact that they're also known as Uroliths just pains me. I picture him with some kind of Henge (better than any! other! henge! that has gone before) hanging out in his bladder. Since this might not be the ONLY thing wrong with him, but it's a pretty MAJOR thing wrong, we need to work on this for a while with a special diet.

Those of you with multiple cats know that special diet = segregate the cat, or feed all the cats the same thing. Living in a house that has very few doors leaves us with the laundry room as the only option. So poor Milo gets locked up in the laundry room - not only does he have to eat a certain food, but I have to monitor his pee and poop.

You're REALLY envying my week off now, aren't you?

1 comment:

Lorena said...

Why is it that the word Urolith makes me think of the monolith in 2001? As if I would look at Milo and say, "my god, it's full of stars!"

Did I just over-geek myself...?

(And yes, I am still jealous of your week off.)