Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy Dobby Day!!!

As most of you know by my pictures and postings, I have a very photogenic little black cat named Dobby. Five years ago today, I first laid eyes on the little boogerhead, and it's certainly a day for, the normal kind...not the crazy-cat-lady-who-dresses-animals-up-in-strange-hats kind.

Five years ago this evening, I was waiting in the vet's office for blood tests on another cat, when a lady brought in a small, mewing box. She said she found a kitten on the road (though I suspect she was just dumping the cat), and left the box on the counter. Out of the box came the cutest, tiniest fuzzy kitty face I'd ever seen.

I knew something pulled at me, but I just couldn't bring home another cat. The next day, however, I called the vet and asked if anyone had adopted it. They answered no, and I went to work on Joe.

I took him out to our favorite bar, bought him a few drinks, and pleaded my case. He gave in, reluctantly, and after getting the okay from the vet, we took him home. The poor guy had to be quarantined for a few weeks, though, in order for us to make sure he wasn't going to get the other boys sick. I'd thought of all kinds of creative names for him, but the moment I brought him home, I knew he was Dobby. There could be no other name for a kitten with those ears.

In the meantime, he grew up to be a lovely, albeit petite, kitty. And Joe ended up making some very long business trips (6 weeks in Iowa, yeesh), so I bonded with Dobby more than I had with any other animal.

We played fetch with toy mice for hours at a time.

His story was chosen as "Rescued Animal Of the Week" in our local paper. Here he is, basking in his 15 minutes of fame.

He found lots of creative napping places...

...and hiding places...

...and places to warm the feets...

...all the while helping me do laundry and other chores.

He has a few bad table manners, and he tends to send out snot-rockets when his sinuses are bothering him, but he's an expert mouser and great sleeping buddy.

To my sweet Dobbster - may your day be filled with rabbit-chasing dreams, messing with your older brothers, and lots of crunchy treats.


lorinda said...

What a great story! Happy Dobby day to you too!

Lorena said...

Oh, what a cutie patootie! I love the picture of you holding him up in front of your face. Tee! And I get to meet him in person soon!

Bea said...

OH! He's cute. Happy Dobby day belated!