Saturday, August 11, 2007

To the Vet

Alas, today was a rough day for the boys...

Yup - three of the four were due for their exams and shots. Milo had already been taken care of, with his health issues earlier this year. You'd think after 10+ years that these guys would be used to it by now. Not.

- Otis gets really quiet and hides under the towel in his carrier.
- Coz, who used to be difficult to catch, now takes it all in stride, since he's had so many health issues lately. He had a little asthma attack after insertion, but I had the meds to help him through.
- Dobby...oh, poor Dobby. He loved the vet's office (he spent 2 weeks there before we adopted him, and he totally owned the joint) UNTIL HE GOT FIXED. Now the poor boy is scared shitless. Literally. He loses control of ALL of his bodily functions on the way to the vet, meaning I have to carry a stash of cleaning supplies for his vomit, pee, and poo. Oh, the joy.

Otis and Dobbs had clean bills of health, and Coz had some more blood work done - he's lost a lot of weight in the last few months. Poor guy just isn't doing well. We'll see what's up and take it from there.

The boys are back, they're happy, and Joe and I are working on drywall. Oh, yay! And tomorrow, I get the honor of having to go into the office and work! Double yay!

Yeah. Stellar weekend this is. >:P

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idyllicchick said...

It's sad stories like this that make me thank my lucky stars again and again that my (And Haldechick's) vet only makes house calls. =) And dude is like the cat whisperer. He just sits on your living room floor, and even the really shy cats just walk right up to him.