Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comin' Along...

We are SO TOTALLY making progress with the bathroom! Hooray!

The rest of our bathroom stuff (shower walls, sinks, mirrors, counter, etc) will be delivered Friday. Below is what Joe has been working on. And by Joe, I mean ONLY Joe - right now he doesn't want me in his way. I'm totally down wit dat.

We have lights! We've had them for a while, actually, I just haven't posted about them. These two are the "main" lights, and the 3 in the back are over the shower and toilet.

We got the tile a few weeks ago, and thanks to a great coworker-friend, we were able to borrow a tile saw. While this platform thingy is definitely level, the floor isn't. The platform has been shimmed, and we wanted to distract "the eye" from such a blatant unlevelness in the floor. We picked out tiles that would fully cover the front of the platform, then Joe cut them according to the floor's idiosyncrasies. Knitting ladies - notice the bottom, available for your pinching pleasure. ;)

Joe's still working up there tonight, and I just cleaned up from a night of blanching MORE corn for the freezer (2 dozen ears a week). It's keeping me busy, but OOOH, I love our CSA farm. Never before have I had No! Desire! to have anything on my corn. No butter, salt, or pepper. The sweetest, bestest corn I've ever had.

On that note, after putting up the corn and cleaning up the kitchen, I leave you with the cutesy love shot of the night - Dobbs and me, just hangin' out in the kitchen.

Peace, love, happiness...and may you all have a fuzzy purrmonger to love you this much.

ETA: Look at what my Studdly McHubbylove did during my post tonight:

Yup - ladies, he's all mine. :)


Eric K. said...

Coming soon to a theater near you: "Cigars On The Porch - The Adventures of Betharoopie and Studly McHubbylove"! I'd pay to see it!

jacquieblackman said...

Looks awesome! And stop with the corn! I'm totally drooling all over my keyboard.

*pinch, pinch*