Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm in!

Well, they finally got to number 8,031 last night, so I am a fully funtioning member of Ravelry now! Of course, there's not much to see - haven't caught Flickr up with my stuff, and my poor, neglected house and sleep patterns will be totally off-kilter if I have any "let's just play with this for a few minutes" moments in the evenings. So basically I've entered my profile. And changed my picture several times.

I have to keep knitting Tubey, as our busy season at work is already rearing its ugly head with potential weekend work. Oy with the poodles already.*

Tonight I have to devote to putting vegetables up. Yes, even after a week of making fresh tomato sauce and a lovely eggplant rollatini, I'm once again in dire need of fridge space. Another 2 dozen ears of corn, about a dozen zukes and summer squash, and close to 2 dozen humongo tomatoes. Not to mention the eggplant that has been shoved into every available nook of my refrigerator - one fell on my head this morning when I opened the door.

So, yeah. Not too much time for playing with The Rav. Except for the final 10 minutes of my lunch hour...see ya!

*How I miss thee, Lorelai Gilmore...


Eric K. said...

You could send some corn and zuke love this way... If only it could travel. And, oh I miss thee Lorelei Gilmore, too! (especially with boots on - rowrrrr)

idyllicchick said...

Yay! We've missed you! One note, you can have several profile pics on hand, so just add more instead of switching them out. Also, you already have more friends than I do! So get off the Rav pipe, Girrrrl, before your baby's daddy gets home.