Sunday, August 05, 2007

More WIP pics

This weekend has been filled with progress - house, knitting, reading, and fun...

It's been hotter-n-hades this week (and really humid, too), so Tubey has not been my priority. I have, however, made a little progress on the first sleeve.

Then I chose and started playing with a yarn for an upcoming sock-a-long...

It's Paca-Peds Superwash Alpaca Sock yarn, Colorway "Tye Dye." It's so lovely and soft I want to bathe in it. Since the big A/C unit is in the living room, and since we were having a ceremonial repeated watching of The Big Lebowski, I didn't use my swift and winder to put this into balls - a fun, mindless task when it's too hot to really knit.

Aren't they cute?

Meanwhile, Joe spent some time crouching down in the shower.

...digging out notches in the studs... order to put up this bracket thingy... we can have a seat in the shower.

Joe wanted me to make sure and tell everyone that, although it LOOKS simple, it took him well over 1.5 hours on a very hot day, covered in wood shavings. Soon afterwards, our good buddies (with a pool!) told us to get our asses down there and hang out with beer and pizza. Done.

Today should be uber-productive - it's a refreshingly cool morning, and I'm still 300+ away from my Ravelry invite. In the meantime, The Dude abides...

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