Friday, August 24, 2007

Secret's Out!

My Ravelry friends have already seen this, but due to my lazy ass not sending a simple package in the mail for almost a freakin' month, I've had to keep quiet about this post...

Ladies and Gentlemen - I now introduce to you....


This little guy was created for my dear friend Jane who collects all things froggy. She is the reason behind the Adventure Frog pictures during our trip to San Francisco (a lovely traveling companion he was, I must add - didn't complain much and was good protection on the late-night subway, even though he was a bit of a ham). Knowing how shamefully prejudiced large groups of frogs can be, I knew Hedgie needed to be able to fit in. Like ET in the closet.

I think he'll do just fine, don't you?

Jane, Senor McFroggersons was sent with extra special hugs that he only gives out every so often. So whenever you need that little something, give Mr. Hedgie a squeeze and know it's from your friends.

* Middletown phone book not included


Amy said...

Heeheehee... "Knowing how shamefully prejudiced large groups of frogs can be..." Heeheehee!

frogonthefly said...

He is getting along nicely with the frogs. He even slept in the bed for a couple nights!