Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Bad Day of Golf is Better Than a Good Day at the Office

Well, I'd say a bad day of most anything (excluding emergencies that include destruction and/or death) is better than a good day at the office. So yesterday I joined most of my coworkers on our annual golf outing.

No, I do not golf. I basically clean off my hand-me-down clubs once a year for my company's party at this place. So I wasn't broken-hearted when - due to vacation schedules of other folks and an overall shortage of people-who-aren't-great-golfers - I was asked to be Beer Wench (the title is my own - aka "Beer Cart Driver").

For those of you who don't golf, Beer Wench is a very noble position. You get to drive around in a golf cart all day, providing tasty beverages to those hard-working folks walking on grass and swinging a stick. Everyone is happy to see you. You get to drive really fast in a golf cart. You get to tell people "you've got two working legs" when they ask you to bring them something. You get to drink while you drive.

Ah-HAH! Now you see where I'm going with this.

Working for a major adult beverage producer, our outings and parties are never short of beverages. Normally I keep it simple, because - as I mentioned earlier, I DO NOT GOLF - I only have a few brewskies, or else I get even more pathetic than I already am. But if I'm just driving a golf cart? On a weekday? When the high is 85 degress, no humidity, light breeze, and beautiful views? AND I STILL GET PAID??? Hell yes, my friend - Hell Yes.

And I'm not alone - folks show up for this thing around 7:30 with coolers of beer and Bloody Marys in tow. So being buzzed at 10:30am, I certainly wasn't in the minority. I did my job, everyone got their beer, I sobered up quite nicely, and drove the 5 miles from the course back to my house. Then I had a few more beers and knitted until I got tired.

Good God, I do have a magnificent life sometimes...

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