Monday, August 21, 2006

WW Confessions - Week 21

Down 0.4! Woohoo! Good for several reasons:
1) First time in a while I've had two down weeks back to back. Enough of the seesawing.
2) Had a night at Copperfield's - complete with a couple of beers and my favoritest dish there, the Buffalo Chicken Finger Wrap. With french fries. And Bartender Tim gave me a Jack Daniels on the house. I love Bartender Tim.
3) The hootenanny mentioned below - a few lite brewskis there, but did pretty good on the food.
4) Dinner with our dear friends in New Paltz - homemade manicotti and little mini-fruit pies, lots of cheese for appetizers, and about 6 bottles of wine between 4 adults. Joe was DD and only had 3-4 drinks, so you do the math there...

Wish me luck for this week - going to a clam steam upstate that I'm sure will involve more drinking.

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