Wednesday, August 30, 2006

WW Confessions - Week 22

Down 0.8! Woohoo! 3rd down week in a row!

Had to go to a different WW meeting tonight, due to work schedule. Plus normal meeting leader was out, so ended up with someone less-than-stellar. But she had good stories, and I needed the inspiration (like the lady in the back row who'd lost 60+ lbs). So it was all good.

Came back home and met up with our wonderful neighbor, Hal, who showed off his AMAZING back yard, in all its zen glory. How cool is it to know someone (1) as a working actor (2) who has a great green thumb, (3) who is friendly and neighborly, and (4) has an infectious sense of peace!?! Hal is awesome. If he ever wants to adopt a couple of thirty-somethings, we're all over that.

Better go - hubby is close to passing out in front of the dvr'd Deadwood finale...

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