Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hollywood in Montgomery

Started off the morning putting in a few hours at the shelter yard sale, and during slow periods worked more on Joe's socks (Lorna's Laces Blackwatch - yummy). Also met up with a dude who through Freecycle needed camping gear to help teach people various camping things. We recently bought some whipass sleeping bags, so we didn't need our Target-special bags anymore, and he was more than grateful for them. That always makes me feel good. On the flip side, we're now on the THIRD interested party of our old sliding glass doors - they're all contractors, and we all know how contractors keep schedules. Like never. "Oh, yeah, I'll come by tonight." No word. Next person - "Yeah - great - I'll be right over" - NOT. I'm having flashbacks to our own contractor nightmares. Yeesh. You'd think someone would want (and actually TAKE) a free sliding door.

Later, we're going to see The Night Listener with friends - got horrible reviews, but it was filmed in our backyard, so we're all about the Montgomery scenes. The above pic was one of many with our neighbors. There were two pics taken with Sir Robin and us - one taken by the director (who as it happens cannot operate a simple point-and-shoot camera, evidentally) and one taken by said neighbors who never told us whether or not it came out. Hence pics with the neighbors only. I should have held onto these and not released them unless they came up with the goods as well. Oh, well. If you watch this movie and see an old house with a rotting porch and tacky light-up nativity scene, then you've seen our house pre-improvements. Sadly enough, even in that state our home wasn't "creepy enough" to be the main home in the movie. But that's okay - our retired Broadway and Buffy actor neighbor, Hal Robinson, owns the house that's in the movie. He's a cool guy.

Geeeejus, I'm babbly. Maybe it's the mojitos. 'Nuff for now.

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idyllicchick said...

OMG! Literally in your back yard! That is so cool! I'll definitely go see it on the big screen.