Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Filling in for a bozo at work who gets 6 weeks of vacation a year doing a thankless, crap job that is very exhausting. Plus my own damn job. Bailed out of two different non-work meetings tonight, because, honestly, my attention span is...well...what's for dinner?

Staying home, having a brewsky, turning on Bridezillas in the background, and working on Joe's sock. I think I'm finally on a roll. Had major gauge frustrations with this one very simple pattern I had - Couldn't make gauge on size 1 dpns, so I went to 3s. Made gauge perfectly on 3s, but it was so damn loose and seemed like it would just pool around the ankle. Something wasn't right. Pulled out my trusty free-and-online sock pattern that hadn't failed me yet, and it showed MORE stitches per inch for the gauge than either my purchased pattern or the yarn website had suggested. Huh. So I just went with that, and it was looking great until I wasn't paying attention and made a booboo that really looked like crap. So start-over number 4. Because I still suck at ripping out and making everything right again. Bah.

I'm really liking how it's knitting up. Lorna's Laces Blackwatch. Nice manly colors. And it'll bring out the green in Joe's eyes...well...if he wears them on his face.

So before I become a babbly mess who has stared at a monitor for the better part of 14 hours today, I'm taking my knitting to the reclining couch and burning some WW points as well as brain cells in front of the telly.

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