Monday, August 14, 2006

WW Confessions - Week 20

I hit my 10%! Woohoo!

This means several things:
1) Even though I had an up-and-down week, I obviously had more pros than cons. Hooray!
2) I got a groovy keychain, mucho applause, and a hug from our meeting leader today.
3) My company reimburses me for each 10% lost. Meaning, I get paid back (PLUS TAX) for all the meetings I went to getting to this point.
4) I got the BEST email from my friend Lorena, after I mentioned I might go shopping at the Woodstock Wool Co with my extra moolah:
"Da-yum, girl! Way to go on ALL accounts! 10%! And, $200! And, A WOOL COMPANY! YOU HAVE $200 TO SPEND AT A WOOL COMPANY, PLUS YOU'VE LOST WEIGHT!!!!! You live an awesome life. ;-) "
5) I only have 3 more 10%'s until I'm hotter than hot!!!

'Nuff said.


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idyllicchick said...

Hoorah for you!!! You *go* grrrrl!