Sunday, August 27, 2006

Stillwater, Still Drunk...

Just stumbled back home from a party weekend upstate with our good friends, Todd, Jen, and E. It started off innocently enough, scheduled around a John Mayer / Sheryl Crow concert at SPAC. Not one of those shows for which I would stand in line for days to get tickets, but for $25 lawn seats - AND the promise to party with the Connors and their family/friends in nearby Stillwater, it quickly evolved into one heckuva good weekend.

Joe and I took Friday off, and we drove up to meet Todd and E Friday afternoon. They drove us around the area, and we learned about Todd's and Jen's families and the various places they used to and still live, drove on the outskirts of the battlefield, and got a great tour commentary from E, who also showed us spots where he first rode a horse, helped a family friend load hay on a truck, etc. A great introduction to this community. Then we hung out at Jen's folks' house, watching E climb the "chicken coop" while we started what would be the theme of the weekend - drinking beer. And I learned once again why I should NEVER! drink while knitting. Screwed up a bit on Joe's sock and too darn frustrated (and tipsy) to fix it. It's not noticeable (it's the edge of the heel and will be hidden with the gusset), but it still pissed me off. I should know better.

After Jen finally got out of work and was able to meet us, we were off to SPAC for the show. Other than the Beer Nazi we had to deal with, it was a great time. The show was a lot of fun, and Sheryl rocked out with some Zeppelin as an encore. That got us going. We then proceeded to drink back at the house and chat until well after 2am.

The next day, while we were just a wee bit slower than usual, we hung out at the house, played with the dog, and in general got ready for THE PARTY. Gary and Jean, two wonderful friends of Jen's family from way back, have this awesome property with an unbelievable party layout. Had some more beer and wine, and they had a clam steam (complete with layers of corn, potatoes, sausage, chicken, and - of course - clams), a bonfire, and lots of wonderful - but crazy! - people. Todd's brother-in-law, pictured above, was just one of the many insane folks to do something with the fire that I won't go into detail about - let's just say it provided a very large bang.

We eventually had to leave, due to the last sober person wanting to make the final taxi run, but then we did what any drunk-ass folks should do - started another fire back at Jen's parents' house. So we did. Then realized we were too drunk and tired to keep it up, then we passed out a bit after 2am. Again.

This morning, around 11am, we finally awoke to fuzzy tongues and grouchy tummies. After three horrible hours on the Thruway (because everyone goes upstate for the weekends, evidently, especially when the Travers is going on), we have finally arrived home.

Eternal thanks to the Connors, Cowins, and everyone else for putting up with us and showing us a wonderful time. It just can't get more perfect than that. You can see the weekend's photos in our gallery, here.

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