Friday, August 11, 2006

I Went to Church!

I called my husband up Friday night...

"Guess what I'm doing tonight?"
"I'm going to church!"
"I hope you don't expect me to go with you..."

As a good Southern-Baptist-raised, Non-denominational-Christian-explored, current agnostic, I got a kick out of being invited to our local church to see the close of the week of Vacation Bible School. Actually, the wonderful folks at the Presbyterian Church encourage the kids to raise funds for the Humane Society, and this year the President of the HS was unable to attend.

So there I was, almost-front-pew, waiting to be struck down by lightning.

But Pastor Paul, whom I know from my Sunday-morning-breakfast-at-the-diner days, is a very laid back guy, and the service was inspiring, the children talented and cute, and the entire congregation very welcoming. It was also very telling that Pastor Paul has a nice tattoo on his forearm. Regardless, those wonderful kids sang their heart out, and they forked over $150 to the shelter on top of that.

Plus, if THAT wasn't enough, that same day I decided to try and deposit the check from this person. And the freakin' thing went through.


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